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Table of Contents

PHP Basics
  1. How PHP Works
  2. The php.ini File
  3. Basic PHP Syntax
  4. Variables
  5. PHP Operators
  6. Creating Dynamic Pages
  7. Extra: Variable Scope and Superglobals
Flow Control
  1. Conditional Processing
  2. Loops
  1. Indexed Arrays
  2. Associative Arrays
  3. Two-dimensional Arrays
  4. Array Manipulation Functions
PHP and HTML Forms
  1. HTML Forms
String Manipulation
  1. Formatting Strings
  2. Magic Quotes
Reusing Code and Writing Functions
  1. Including Files
  2. User Functions
  3. Form Processing
Managing Data
  1. Querying a Database
  1. Using a Database Abstraction Layer
  2. Using MDB2
Authentication with PHP and SQL
  1. A Database-less Login Form
Regular Expressions
  1. What is a Regular Expression
  2. Form Validation Functions with Regular Expressions
  3. Perl-compatible Regular Expression Functions
Session Control and Cookies
  1. Sessions
  2. Cookies
Sending Email with PHP
  1. mail()
  2. PHPMailer
File System Management
  1. Opening a File
  2. Reading from a File
  3. Writing to a File
  4. File Locking
  5. Uploading Files via an HTML Form
  6. Getting File Information
  7. More File Functions
  8. Directory Functions

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